Hollyren: Committed to Long-term Vision, Collaborating in the Eyelash Industry with Unwavering Focus on ExcellenceHollyren: Committed to Long-term Vis

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Looking back on the past year of 2022, QingDao HOLLYREN COSMETICS CO., LTD. (hereinafter "Hollyren"), a global leading OEM custom brand in the eyelash industry, has consistently adhered to a long-term strategy  and constantly realize the brand value jump. Throughout the year, Hollyren actively participated in eyelash industry communication exhibitions and shows, with a presence in Italy, Hong Kong, North America, and Southeast Asia.

Demonstrating Brand Strength with High-Quality Product Exhibitions

As a comprehensive professional supplier of eyelash products that focuses on design, research and development, production, and marketing, Hollyren mainly produces false eyelashes and other beauty tools. The company has passed audits by BV/TUV/ITS/SGS and well-known cosmetics brands, and has established partnerships with internationally renowned beauty brands. With 16 years of experience in the eyelash industry, Hollyren has been actively participating in various industry exhibitions and shows in order to promote the development of the eyelash industry.


In 2022, Hollyren participated in a total of 6 exhibitions, showcasing hundreds of eyelash-related products. The company's independently developed super soft stem series false eyelashes received high praise at International Beauty Exhibition exhibitions, attracting many International Beauty Exhibition brand owners to visit the booth and try on the super soft stem false eyelashes, experiencing the true "zero-touch" feeling of eyelashes. Through product innovation, Hollyren also showcased the core advantages of “intelligent manufacturing in China” to the world.

Crafting Excellence, Focusing on Setting a Standard

With relatively low barriers to entry, the eyelash industry has seen a surge of small factories emerging with the expansion of market demand. These factories lack complete production SOP processes and strict quality control procedures, resulting in inaccurate delivery times, uneven product quality, and difficulties in addressing after-sales issues, which has brought troubles to eyelash brands.

In response to these industry pain points, Hollyren's founder hired a professional team to develop production SOP processes and personally joined the quality inspection team to set strict quality control standards. Every delivery is treated as the beginning of a new partnership, with a focus on "starting with the end in mind to create high-quality products." This is the key reason why Hollyren has become synonymous with quality.

Hollyren is committed to setting the highest standards of excellence in the eyelash industry and will continue to strive for innovation and excellence in the years to come.On March 17, Hollyren was invited to participate in the Bologna Beauty Exhibition in Italy. At that time, Hollyren will display hundreds of best-selling products. We look forward to your coming to the booth to discuss the most comfortable hairdressing experience!




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